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Identify your skin type.
Which skin type are you?

Your skin type is one of the main factors when considering your risk for skin cancer. There are six skin phototypes, going from the lightest skin to the darkest. Those with skin types I and II face the highest risk of developing skin cancer and types V and VI are at the lowest risk. People with more natural pigmentation have more natural protection from the sun. People with darker skin (higher numbered skin types) are not immune to skin cancer and still need to practice sun protection. Like the lower numbered skin types, they still need to be cautious of the sun and have regular examinations by a doctor.

SKin Type 1

Type I:  Is very fair, burns easily and severely and does not tan.  Eyes are blue or green and hair is blond or red.

Skin Type 2

Type II:  Is also fair and burns easily, but does get a minimal tan.  Eyes are blue, hazel or brown, and hair is blond, red or brown.

Skin Type 3 Type III:  Is somewhat darker and sometimes burns then tans.
Skin Type 4 Type IV:  Is darker still, never burns, and always tans rapidly.
Sin Type 5 and 6

Types V & VI: dark black or brown skin.

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